Words that work

Writing a new story in the world of branded content creation, we are ambassadors for the businesses we partner with. We champion a brand story with copy that is crafted to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Content pillars: the answer to structuring business content creation

It’s 4pm on a glorious Sunday in Greece. You are sauntering, submerged in the democratic delights of the Parthenon’s rich and compelling history, when you have a sudden realisation. Your deadline for the piece on this mighty monument is due imminently. Panic ensues. The heritage, the architecture, the geography, the experience; endless content options abound. Discombobulated with these conundrums you sit down and begin to write at speed. STOP.

20 statistics showing the value of blogging in 2024

The value of blogging is often missed, being seen as the black sheep of content creation strategy many, businesses in 2024 still stray from committing time and resource to a blog. Started and then abandoned, inconsistent after thoughts randomly posted when someone suggests they work or just ignored altogether, blogs are the content black sheep. In today’s digital landscape businesses who fail to see and use the power of blogs are missing out. Blogging is the content strategy you need to connect, communicate, and convert people into customers, just take a look at the stats.

Business storytelling: a hidden marketing tool

Did you watch Welcome to Wrexham, season three, on Disney+? You did! Amazing! Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney will be thrilled. They have successfully got you to engage with their business story. Sadly, not everyone has the commercial power to share their business story live on a major streaming platform, but that doesn't mean you can't harness the power of the business story.